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The Team

Who We Are

7 performers on stage, taking a bow
B&W performer pauses with microphone
Origianl board members smile in front of pantry with dog
Local musician and performer drop off donations for Ida Relief
Executive director is hugged by local comedian on stage
Sideshow performer kneels with microphone
Neighbor collects free clothing from Pantry
B&W Poet speaks into mic with eyes closed
Neighbors and out of towners drop off 13 cases of water for Ida Relief
Poster for Micheal Martin benefit at Bar Redux
Storyteller pauses for dramatic effect
Performer leads audience in sing along
Comedian holds mic and points at audienc e
B&W burlesque perfomer cuts wires from costume while dressed as a bomb
Drop off information for donations at Bar Redux, daily 801 N Poland
Sam Brantley leans into to audience with mic
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