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What Is The Pop-Up Pantry?

Inspired by the New Orleans community fridges, our Personal Hygiene Pop Up Pantry is located at Marais and Annette in the 7th Ward. We supply our neighbors and community with basic human needs such as tampons, soap, deodorant, water, and more. Our goal is to build pantries for each neighborhood throughout New Orleans based on  the needs and wants of the communities these pantries are located in. 

We have also assisted with storm recovery and relief, and are currently working with VOAD, NOLA Ready, and other local organizations to assist with saltwater intrusion. Learn more here: Disaster Relief | FTLO - NOLA

What You Can Donate 

Love is ACTION! Action is IMPACT! 

Nonperishable snakcs & food, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products
Detailed list of acceptable donations
cases of water

Where Is It Located?

Personal hygiene pop-up pantry is located at Marias and Annette Street in the 7th Ward. 


For large donations, please contact us directly. Smaller donations can be dropped off directly to the pantry. Thank you.

Can't drop off donations?

Check out our

full pantry clothing.jpg

Bar Redux is also a donation site located at 801 Poland Ave in the Bywater.

Can't drop off donations?

Check out our

Bar Redux 801 Poland Ave New Orleans
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