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Hurricane Recovery & Relief

In July of 2021, we officially submitted our application for 501c3 status. The pantry had been running successfully for nearly 1 year, we were becoming experts on putting together our virtual shows while also anticipating the return to LIVE events. We felt ahead of the game, or, at the very least, right on track.

On August 29th, 2021, Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans.

Picolla Tushy along with a handful of volunteers (including Dick Jones) jumped into action and we had our first CRASH COURSE into Hurricane Relief and Recovery.

We quickly set up a charging station and tent in the backyard of Picolla’s home in the 7th Ward, fired up the grill, and started pulling out donations set aside for the Personal Hygiene Pantry.

Within a few days, Picolla’s roommate arrived with a generator and more supplies.

Cell service was spotty, at best, but through diligence and determination, Picolla and the gang of volunteers were able to make contact with Sam and Brandie (who were able to evacuate) and Picolla’s sisters in Florida. From then on, we were able to communicate our neighbors needs and connect with other small organizations nearby.

Curfew was in effect, but the FTLO team kept their backyard open until the late evening.

At one point, one of our neighbors was in need of life saving medical care. Unfortunately, we were told it would take at least 4 hours for an ambulance to arrive. We called everyone we could think of. Within 15 minutes, we secured a ride to the hospital.

As the days and weeks went on, needs and wants were changing quickly. We were able to meet our neighbors’ and community members needs by simply requesting what they were asking for.



Hurricane Ida taught us many things and brought us even closer to our community. We learned people are willing and wanting to help. We learned in the face of tragedy and fear, the best you can do is be kind, patient, and breathe. Ad we learned, there is never too much help to go around.

In 2022, when Hurricane Ian hit South Florida, we connected with a group in Central Florida. Picolla loaded up a van and personally drove supplies FTLO had collected to be sure our neighbors received the LOVE and care so many showed us during Ida.

We are dedicated to helping our community members daily through our pantry and now, we are dedicated to participating in Hurricane Relief & Recovery along the Gulf Coast.

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